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  • Q - Do I need to find land or have my building plans before I call MBCI?
    A - No. Getting our professional help prior to buying land or preparing plans can avoid costly mistakes.
  • Q - How much can I save working with MBCI?
    A - Typically 15-20% for custom homes and even more when remodeling.
  • Q - Can MBCI help me with my Remodel?
    A - Yes!
  • Q - How much work can I do myself?
    A - All or none.
  • Q - Can I use my own subcontractors?
    A - Yes, absolutely. You are the one in control.
  • Q - Who pays the bills?
    A - You do! You control the money.
  • Q - Who do I call to get started?
    A - Call us to set up a free initial consultation.

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